30 Июля, 2013

Проходила лечение в 5 клинике. Думаю что девизом клиники является "Любовь к людям". Очень хорошие условия нахождения в палате... Читать полностью


24 Февраля, 2013

Докторам респект - прооперировали в день приезда\сделали аллопластику. Особая благодарность Леониду Дмитриевичу...Читать полностью


24 Апреля, 2012

Огромное спасибо докторам 5-ой клиники за оказаную помощь моему мужу. При операции на руке в Хрькове...Читать полностью

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Restorative neurosurgery department


Department of the reconstructive neurosurgery was organized at the end of 80-ies. At that time neurosurgery had already had experience and recourses for saving lives, but there had appeared a problem of improving quality of life (QoL) of the disabled and patients with central and peripheral nervous systems organic disorders. As pharmacological and rehabilitation treatment often couldn’t achieve A desired effect and need for surgical methods of this problem solution had originated - the creation of a new branch in classical neurosurgery – reconstructive neurosurgery. It was the background for the organization of the reconstructive neurosurgery department as a new form of surgical approach to the treatment.

The goal of the restorative neurosurgery is to repair the nerve system lost functions in a surgical way and to improve the QoL of the patients with neurological disorders.


Department of the restorative neurosurgery was created in 1987 and started to work in 1988 as a sub-unit of The Institute of Neurosurgery named after A.P.Romodanov of the Academy of medical science of Ukraine. Professor V.I.Tsymbaluk was assigned for the chief of the department.
The department has a separate operating room which has worked since March 1988.  The first operation was performed on March 1st. 120 operations were performed during the first year. In 2011 725 patients were treated in the department, and in 631 cases of operative intervention was performed. 87% surgical activity was formed.

During the 24 years of work more than 13 thousand of neurosurgical operations were performed, were published 48 scientific works (monographies, textbooks, tutorials, guides) and more than 1000 scientific articles. Were proposed more than 100 new methods of treatment and diagnostics, which are licensed.
The main interests and direction of work:

  • Injury of peripheral nerves;
  • Infantile cerebral palsy;
  • Consequences of spine trauma;
  • Pain and pain syndromes of different etiology;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Multiple sclerosis and other demyelinization deseases;
  • Disorders of urinary bladder;
  • Myopathies;
  • Neuroviruses;
  • Stem cells.

More information is in the clinical work.