About our department

The goal of classical neurosurgery is to remove a disorder, which has appeared as a result of an injury or a disease (hematomas, bones fractures, tumors, vessels pathology and others). After saving life residual effects and their consequences are significantly reducing the quality of life (QoL). Severity of the nerve system injury and lack of non-surgical methods of the treatment leads to changes in other functional systems of an organism (musculoskeletal system), and worsens the severity of patients condition.

The aim of restorative neurosurgery is to repair anatomical continuity and to correct the function of the damaged nerve system by blocking or stimulating nerve structures which are messengers between a pathological focus and an effected organ.

Specifics of restorative neurosurgery:

  • Main goal is to achieve maximal anatomical continuity with saving physiological permissiveness;
  • Both hyper- (spasticity, pain, seizures etc.) and hypofunction (peripheral paresis, urinary disorders) may be corrected;
  •  The same result may be achieved by the influence on different structures and levels of central and peripheral nerve systems;
  • For attaining optimal clinical effect both destructive and stimulating methods could be used;
  • Different methods of forcing the same structure lead to distinct clinical results;
  • Interventions could be performed in open (injury of peripheral nerves, spine trauma, spasticity, epilepsy) and close (trigeminal neuralgia, neurotransplantation, planting a stimulating systems, installation of pump-systems, radiosurgery) ways;
  • All surgical manipulations are performed using microsurgical technologies (microscope, microinstruments), fluorography, electromyography (EMG), electroencephalography (EEG), stereotactic equipment.

Chronic electrostimulation of different nerve structures (brain cortex, nuclear structures of spine, peripheral nerves) became widely applicable. It became possible to achieve a desired clinical effect without destroying influencing nerve system. In our department certified Ukrainian electrostimulative system Neuro-3M has been invented, which helps to maintain doses influence on nerve structures.

Destructive method and implantation of pump-systems (system for chronic bringing of medicines to the definite nerve structure) are also used in the department of restorative neurosurgery. All surgery is performed with intraoperative control.